Visualizing Transitions and Structure for High Dimensional Data Exploration
Kevin R. Moon*, David van Dijk*, Zheng Wang, Daniel Burkhardt, William Chen, Antonia van den Elzen, Matthew J Hirn, Ronald R Coifman, Natalia B Ivanova, Guy Wolf, Smita Krishnaswamy

MAGIC: A diffusion-based imputation method reveals gene-gene interactions in single-cell RNA-sequencing data
David van DijkJuozas NainysRoshan SharmaPooja KathailAmbrose J CarrKevin R MoonLinas MazutisGuy WolfSmita KrishnaswamyDana Pe’er

Slow-growing cells within isogenic populations have increased RNA polymerase error rates and DNA damage
Nature Communications
David van Dijk, Riddhiman Dhar, Alsu M. Missarova, Lorena Espinar, William R. Blevins, Ben Lehner & Lucas B. Carey

Noise in gene expression is coupled to growth rate
Genome Research
Leeat Keren*, David van Dijk*, Shira Weingarten-Gabbay, Dan Davidi, Ghil Jona, Adina Weinberger, Ron Milo and Eran Segal
*equal contribution

Probing the effect of promoters on noise in gene expression using thousands of designed sequences
Genome Research
Eilon Sharon*, David van Dijk*, Yael Kalma, Leeat Keren, Ohad Manor, Zohar Yakhini, Eran Segal
*equal contribution

Publication metrics and success on the academic job market (
Current Biology
David van Dijk, Ohad Manor, Lucas Carey
[PDF, altmetric score, Science news, Science Q&A, Science interview, Science careers, Nature news, Nature medicine, F1000Prime Recommended Article]

Promoter Sequence Determines the Relationship Between Expression Level and Noise
PLOS Biology
Lucas Carey*, David van Dijk*, Peter M. A. Sloot, Jaap A. Kaandorp, Eran Segal
*equal contribution
[PDFSGD ‘New & Noteworthy’]

Two DNA-encoded strategies for increasing expression with opposing effects on promoter dynamics and transcriptional noise
Genome Research (on the cover)
M Dadiani, D van Dijk, B Segal, Y Field, G Ben-Artzi, T Raveh-Sadka, M Levo, I Kaplow, A Weinberger and E Segal
[PDFNature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight]

Identifying potential survival strategies of HIV-1 through virus-host protein interaction networks
BMC systems biology
D van Dijk, G Ertaylan, CAB Boucher, PMA Sloot

Inference of surface membrane factors of hiv-1 infection through functional interaction networks
PloS one
S Jaeger, G Ertaylan, D van Dijk, U Leser, P Sloot

Individual-based simulation of sexual selection: A quantitative genetic approach
Procedia Computer Science
D van Dijk, PMA Sloot, JC Tay, MC Schut


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